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Business/Executive Coaching

Rapidly changing business environments, streamlined organizational structures, cost implications of less than optimal performance, lack of confidential support at the top are just a few reasons supporting the need for tailored, just-in-time development in the form of one-to-one coaching.

Coaching is not training, and it isn't structured as a course you attend.  Instead, we provide the support you need in short sessions at your office, to make things easy for you.

Are you faced with any of the following ...

  • Are you unsure of the direction of your business or division?

  • Do you ever suffer the loneliness of life at the top?

  • Could you be getting more from your most valuable resource, i.e.: your staff? Click here to learn how staff involvement can make a difference to your bottom line results.

  • Are you concerned about the cost of losing key staff?  Click here to learn more about the true costs of staff churn.

  • Are your salespeople/customer service staff pushing the right buttons with your customers?  

  • Are you undergoing change that is unsettling your staff?

  • Is internal conflict affecting productivity?

If this sound familiar, read on to find out how to make way for real improvement.


Creative solutions that transform business issues

Business/Executive Coaching

  • can help you set realistic goals - and empower you to achieve them 

  • offers fresh perspective, coping strategies and a confidential sounding board that helps you make sense of difficult situations

  • brings ways to inject purpose, dynamic problem-solving and creativity into the workplace

  • offers expertise and fresh thinking to help you retain top talent and inspire them to even greater achievement

  • supports your salespeople/customer service staff in understanding what language motivates your customers

  • will help you communicate the need for change and new working practices effectively, while helping to galvanize and unify your people towards a common aim

  • provides NLP and coaching tools that help you to account for sensitivities, organizational culture and promotes affirmative communication for conflict resolution


Why hire a coach? - The benefits of Business/Executive Coaching

According to a study by Right Management Consultants covering 100 senior executives, external executive coaching made way for significant improvements for both, the Company and the Executive.

Companies reported improvements (ranging from 22% to 53%), in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customers service, executive retention rates, bottom line profitability and cost reductions.
Executives experienced improved working relationships with direct reports, peers, immediate boss and teamwork in general, increased job satisfaction, conflict reduction, greater organizational commitment and better working relationships with clients (37% to 77%).

Further Reading

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What next?

Don't miss this opportunity to discover for yourself how Coaching/NLP techniques and strategies can change your personal/business performance.  Call 01234 213779 or email us now to arrange your free 30 minute no-obligation telephone consultation.
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