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Coaching Services

We offer bespoke services to suit your particular business and individual needs.  Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Business/Executive Coaching
Personal Coaching
Other Services
        Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile) 
        Value elicitation
        Personal effectiveness workshops
        Speaking engagements


Business/Executive Coaching

Business and Executive coaching services are charged at 150/hour for face-to-face coaching.  This includes
  • Free unlimited emails between sessions
  • Free unlimited short telephone calls* between sessions
  • Free -hour telephone support during weeks where no coaching is scheduled
  • Free summary of key points/agreed action steps after each session
  • Free access to plenty of resources/research (via Coach)
  • Option to arrange 2 extra -hour telephone sessions within 6-month period at no extra charge
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

NB: Discounts are available for extended contract periods.


Personal Coaching

Each person's circumstances vary.  In order to cater for your individual requirements, please call 01234
213 779 so we can provide a quote that suits your needs.

Other Services

Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile)

Similar to well-known personality tests, the results of this questionnaire will provide you with a better understanding of yourself and others with respect to e.g. communication, decision making, motivation, marketing, teamwork dynamics, customer satisfaction) and will pave the way for better interpersonal relationships at work and at home and improved business performance.

The questionnaire covers 20 traits and can be completed in person or by telephone in less than 45 minutes.  The client will be sent a personal LAB Profile report and a detailed summary of the key opposing traits (e.g. proactive vs. reactive, judger vs. perceiver, thinker vs. feeler) as well as tips to help communicate more effectively with people displaying opposing patterns. 

See the MetaProgram article for more information.


Value elicitation

Values reflect what is dear to our heart.  They are a kind of blueprint we have concerning the different areas in our live (health, work, finance, relationship, etc) and are our key motivation drivers.

For example, if your highest values aren't congruent with your goal, you will i) either not reach it or ii) not fully enjoy it once achieved.  Good indicators for misalignment are procrastination and/or numbness. 

A value elicitation is therefore essential when contemplating major decisions in your live, such as relationship and career choices.  The elicitation can be undertaken in person or by telephone and typically lasts 1.0-1.5 hours. 


Personal effectiveness workshops

Please find below a list of business workshops (1/2day) aimed at helping business owners, executives and individuals to become more effective in their day-to-day live.  These intensive 3 hour workshops  fit in with your work/life demands, as they can be scheduled in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, and can even take place on-site for your convenience. 
Rapport building
Goal setting
Creative problem solving
Communication skills
Time management
Building confidence
Decision making

Speaking engagements

We are happy to speak on the above or bespoke topical development areas.  Please see current list of engagements on our what's new page.


- The client bares the call charges.
- Telephone/Email response time of max. 24hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays
- Travel expenses will be charged at cost (40pence/mile).
- 100% satisfaction guarantee: If, after our initial consultation, the completion of the preparatory material and our 1st coaching session, you feel that coaching is not for you, we will refund any money paid in advance for sessions not yet taken.
- Items offered free as part of a package have to be taken during specified contract period.
- *Subject to availability of the Coach. A return phone call will be made as soon as possible.





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