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All our workshops are aimed at helping business owners, executives and individuals to become more effective in their day-to-day lives.  They are easily tailored to incorporate your particular needs and can be flexibly scheduled as well as on- or off-site to suit your convenience.
Coaching skills
Rapport building
Goal setting
Creative problem solving
Communication skills
Time management
Building confidence
Decision making

Coaching skills

Ever wondered what coaching can do for your organisation, managers and staff in general?  This interactive (full day) course will introduce you to coaching, e.g. what it is/isn't, what benefits it can offer and how it differs to other development approaches.  You will learn about and use a key coaching model as well as 3 fundamental coaching skills that will not only serve you well in the work environment but life in general. Delegates will experience coaching first hand and leave with personal action plans.
Hear what previous participants had to say:

What did you like best about the course:
- "a calm and clear delivery focussed on content with some humour ... difficult to improve"
- "everything"
- "a day aside to think about the development of new/other skills to help develop/train ..."
- "interactivity and openness of instructor"
- "the workshop format”
- "late start & early finish [2-day workshop format on this occasion]
- not disrupting work with clients i.e. you could catch-up in morning & afternoon with emails & calls” [2-day workshop format on this occasion]
- "practical exercises + opportunities to try out skills learned”
- "rapport building”
- "working with people from other groups/sharing ideas”
- "the progression of the course”
- "pitched at a level appropriate both for those who have already some coaching experience and those without”
- "how things I learnt would be useful in all aspects of my life"
- "especially learning to self coach”
- "the hands on practical elements”

Useful for - ...
- "those leading a team or deliver "one-to-one" training on a regular basis"
- "those with line management responsibility"
- "those who coach others"
- "project leaders and above"
- "project leader/senior geophysicist level"
- "all senior levels”
- "definitely managers”
- "all levels”
- "managers, groups leaders, any one expected to help other employees to progress”
- "all line managers and higher”
- "employees who have been with the company for 3 or more years, with good level of experience”
- "useful to everyone”
- "all line managers & project managers” 

Rapport building

We have seconds to build rapport with other people, and often that's the only thing which matters when it comes to getting this vital contract, finding a partner, making valuable friends.  In this workshop, you will learn fundamental tools that will allow you to quickly and flexibly establish relationships, even with those who might normally disagree with you!

Goal setting

Have you noticed how much more you can do, individually or as a team, when you know where you are heading?  In this workshop, you will be introduced to some essential vision/goal setting methods that will help you set realistic and motivating goals for yourself and others. 

Creative problem solving

Thinking outside the box is nowadays considered essential. But how do we avoid the traps of doing what we have always done? In this workshop, you will discover more about your own preferences when faced with difficult situations and learn about different models that can assist you in arriving at fresh insights.


Can you really afford not to network if you want to build your business?  However, most people forget that not networking effectively will only cost you money (e.g. c. £27/hr, assumes 40K pa).  This workshop will provide you with tried and tested tools that can make a tangible difference to your bottom line results.

Communication skills

Have you ever been in an argument were in fact you were actually in agreement, but you were using different words for the same thing? In this workshop, you will learn tools that increase your awareness of your own as well as other people's language preferences, how this knowledge can help avoid misunderstandings and make you a more versatile and persuasive communicator.

Time management

"How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money.  Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever" (David Norris). 
Ever wondered how good your current time management skills really are? Participants will be given the opportunity to assess their skills and learn simple, yet effective, techniques on how they can improve in specific areas.


Have you ever wondered how much more you would get done if you could influence your level of motivation rather than being influenced by external circumstances? Learning to do just that will enable you to enjoy greater control over your energy levels and your emotions in general.

Building confidence

It is sometimes said that the difference between someone succeeding or not has more to do with the confidence the person has in themselves rather than their actual ability.  Do you feel that your current confidence level is holding you back?  In this workshop, you will take away NLP and coaching tools that, once learnt, you can easily apply yourself to boost your confidence as and when required.

Decision making

Ever wondered whether there are simple yet effective tools/models available that make decision making easier, whether related to your business or private life?  This workshop will provide you with some useful models and tools that will achieve new clarity and focus.


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